In Love with Coaching


    This programme will be delivered IN ENGLISH.

    We will limit the number of participants to a maximum of 12 people.

    550 € for the seminar
    195 € for all meals and breaks
    Staying at the centre: 200 € for 4 nights in shared rooms and 320 € for a private room (places et the Zero Gravity Centre are limited)
    Please ask if you wish to arrive the night before

    South of France advanced summer retreat for coaches

    Within the framework of the « In Love with Coaching™ » school this 5-day retreat is aimed at therapists, coaches as well as experienced managers and group leaders and other life enhancers who wish to transform themselves and their coaching.

    Through the fundamental question “Who am I?” we will investigate what the true essence of coaching is and what can revolutionize good coaching into extraordinary coaching.

    While still using and perfecting all the coaching tools and techniques that you may have learnt (and adding a few more), we will be taking a 180° turn in the way we view ourselves, the other and true transformation.

    This “unconditional love-first” approach is ancient. It has been the golden key of benevolent leaders and influencers throughout the times. When the fundamental unity of all things is realized, when the very existence of us as a person is questioned, coaching becomes effortless, joyous, immensely powerful and transformational. From that peaceful space that we are, the suffering in what used to be seen as “the other” can gently dissolve.

    In this retreat, we will assume that you already are a “good” coach, therapist, guide or manager. You already “know your stuff”, and we will start from that point.

    This training will be joyous but professional. The approach will be intimate, unconventional and  powerful.

    We will use many techniques and processes that will reveal the pure, single, “non-dual” approach to coaching of the « In Love with Coaching™ » school.

    The overall goal of the retreat is true happiness, for you and your clients... a lightness of being and a freedom which is independent of objects or circumstances, within which extraordinary results can ensue.

    With forty combined years of coaching, transpersonal therapy and investigation, Annabel and Maxime will welcome you in an intense and loving space in which your true colors will be allowed to shine.

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