Samira Wayu Asibakaashi

    Samira has been raised and traveled through different parts  the world since she was born ...from the jungle of south America in Venezuela .. and  a small beautiful little island in the Mediterranean Greece ...and then back to the exotic  Caribbean were she created her first project of reforestation and conscious natural products... Gaia Earth Alchemy .

    Since young age she always felt a deep connection to nature identifying herself within, which gave her a reason to continue travel herself and learn from different teachers..
    She felt a deep call  learning from the alchemist and healer Arnaud Colin (Celt) and recently a deep inspiration to learn from indigenous leader and healer Benki Piyanko Ashaninka, about Amazonian sacred plant medicines...with the vision of being the bridge of the ancient wisdom and knowledge keepers...for the protection of nature and expansion of consciousness....