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Retreat in Spain with Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille
Soort evenement

    Francis Lucille is offering two of his rare retreats in Europe in Barcelona this year.

    These retreats will be:

    • In French-English translated by Maxime Hassid from June 27 to July 3rd 2022
    • In English-Spanish translated by Eva Nuñez from July 4th to July 10th 2022.

    They will both be organized by Eva Nuñez and she will directly receive your registration once you fill out the form on this page.

    Both retreats will be held at the Casa de Espiritualidad San Felipe Neri in Barcelona, Spain.

    To register, click on the red button "Registration form". Once you have filled in your information and questions, Eva Nuñez will receive your request directly. All other interaction will be done directly with her via email.

    Spiritual teacher of the Advaita Vedanta tradition

    Francis, a long time friend and student of Jean Klein, is a spiritual teacher of the Advaita Vedanta tradition. His teaching is not "Neo Advaita" but traditional Advaita, which means that the experience of our true nature has been transmitted from generation to generation by a lineage of sages. Francis' master, Jean Klein, met his guru in India in the early Fifties and stayed and studied with him for several years. He later studied the tradition of Kashmir Shaivism with Dibianandapuri and of Hatha Yoga with the famous teacher Krishnamacharya.

    Jean Klein was an Acharya, meaning a guru who, having realized the common ground of all spiritual teachings, can teach according to many traditions with equal ease. He loved the humor of the Zen patriarchs, the poetry of Rumi and of the Sufi tradition, and the sweetness of Meister Eckhart's Christian expression of the Absolute. His teachings reflected his love for art and music, addressing the needs of a demanding intellect while focusing to a large extent on the perceptual and sensorial aspect of our experience. Francis' teachings reflect those of his guru: appreciation for humor, art, music, and poetry, intellectual rigor with a "personal" twist due to his training in Mathematics and Physics, emphasis on the body and its feelings. There are meditation and yoga sessions inspired by the Tantric and Hatha Yoga traditions in addition to the traditional Advaitic dialogues. Music concerts, often featuring Francis as a performer, are also included in the program of the retreats.

      TUITION FEE: $750 to be payed via credit card or PayPal when RSVPing on this page.
      VENUE :
      Casa d´Espiritualitat Sant Felip Neri
      Calle Nena Casas 37-47
      08017. Barcelona
      ACCOMMODATION AND MEALS ( room & board )

      Double occupancy : between 760 € and 850 €
      Single occupancy: between 395 € and 465 €

      For reservations contact Eva through email ( nunez.eva at gmail.com)
      Already included in the accommodation fee.
      60 € for those not staying at the retreat centre.
      Already included in the accommodation fee.
      For those non staying at the venue, it is possible to reserve meals up until 1 week ahead of the beginning of the retreat. The cost of every meal being 12,50 €

      Starting April 27, the rooms reserved for the group will be released and availability will no longer be guaranteed. We suggest making your reservations ASAP.
      Cancellations fee: 20% when done up until 2 weeks before the retreat, 30% afterwards. No refunder no shows or leaving before the retreat end .

      Casa de Espiritualidad San Felipe Neri

      Casa de Espiritualidad San Felipe Neri

      To be a rallying point for the different spiritual practices, promoting silence, meditation, interreligious and intercultural dialogue.

      Promote initiatives in the field of comprehensive education (Training, Escola d'Interioritat...)

      Create a space for the culture of the arts (Concerts, Exhibitions, Workshops...)

      Promote conferences, seminars, forums ... that contribute to building a fair, supportive and ecological society.