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Maxime Hassid

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Holistic coach and teacher

    Maxime is a holistic therapist, coach and teacher.

    From a scientific background, he has practiced Psychosynthesis (Transpersonal Psychotherapy), NLP, Gestalt and, later, Psychogenealogy as well as a number of other related approaches. He has helped a large number of beings in a process of liberation while maintaining contact with the personal effectiveness and pragmatism necessary for an active and creative life.

    He founded the Zero Gravity Center in 2017, a place dedicated to the Lightness of Being

    In 2019, the impulse towards teaching resurfaced. Having observed the excesses, sufferings and frequent disconnections in "spiritual" circles as well as in large companies, the choice was to start from very down-to-earth subjects such as relationships, suffering, creativity and money and to use them as powerful portals of openness to the Self. On a resolutely non-dual foundation, sharing takes the form of an exploration of all our facets (physical, emotional, mental, energetic and transcendent) in order to live this life in a full and happy way and to open up to the invitation of Intelligence, Beauty and Love.